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Дождевая заслонка дымовой трубы

Rainfall valves for ventilation, dust and gas removal are used to collect and drain atmospheric precipitation when closed, as well as to prevent heat loss when transferring the HRSG to the hot standby.

Дождевая заслонка

заслонка дымовой трубы

Principle of operation

The rain damper opens automatically when the pressure in the gas pipe reaches the pressure required for normal operation of a particular system.

Valve versions

  • Rectangular (1000x1000mm - 7500x6000mm) and circular cross-section (DN1000mm - DN7500mm).
  • Medium operating temperatures up to 200 °С and up to 650 °С.
  • Control options: electric actuator, geared motor.
  • Design: one-, two- or three-blade.

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