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Донный клапан (донная заглушка, пробковый кран)

Bottom valve (bottom plug, plug valve, drain valve) is a stop valve used in industry for bottom drain of the working medium from a tank, cistern, reactor, vessel, bunker. You can inform about your need for production and delivery of the bottom valve to the commercial department

The basic design of the valve is quite simple and yet highly reliable. The vertical pipe is connected to the seat and the closing element - a plug. If mechanical impurities can penetrate between the seat and the closing element of the valve, filter screens (grids) are installed to prevent unstable operation of the valve and to maintain the tightness of the system.


Application of stop valves:

Plug valve, drain valve, bottom valve are used in the chemical industry, in communication systems in the production of plastics and polymers, oil and mining industry, in the operation of cryogenic equipment for the control of working media:

  • chemically aggressive suspensions
  • viscous media
  • pulps with a considerable share of mechanical impurities
  • suspensions
  • catalyst and reactor wastes
  • powders and powder-like media

By the way of installation there is a distinction:

  • external valve - cork valve, drain valve
  • inside of the vessel - tank bottom valve

Possible control of the foot valve:

  • manual
  • pneumatic (by means of compressed air) - progressive motion is transmitted to the valve pipe, which in turn moves the closing element of the valve, the working medium is discharged through a pipe placed at an angle to the valve, the device closes automatically on completion
  • actuator

Valve connection:

  • flange
  • welded


KASMP manufactures bottom valves taking into account operating conditions and at the request of the customer in the following modifications and completions:

  • using materials and coatings that provide the longest durability of the valves
  • with property of increased chemical resistance for specific working environment
  • intrinsically safe design for operating conditions with special requirements to fire safety
  • flameproof / heating jacket
  • with comfortable control - manual, pneumatic or electrically operated

Manufacture according to customer drawings or in-house design. To clarify the details of manufacturing and to agree the terms of delivery you can in the commercial department or fill out an application form on the website.



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