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Дроссельная группа доменной печи

Дроссельная группа  

Throttle group is a set of throttle valves (arranged in parallel), used for gas purification: installed in gas purification complexes of blast furnaces.

Blast furnace gas is contaminated with bell furnace dust (particles of ore, coke, sinter, limestone, etc.). At the same time coke ovens and blast furnaces of blast furnace air heaters require gas purification up to dust concentration not higher than 10 mg/m3. To this end, metallurgical plants use purification of blast furnace gas in several stages. The highest quality - "fine purification" (dust concentration up to 10 mg/m3) of blast furnace gas is carried out in the throttle group.

Throttle group operating principle:

Gas cleaning systems in metallurgical production work with increased gas pressure on the grate - throttle groups regulate gas pressure and purify it from dust.

  • Throttle groups artificially create resistance to the passage of the working medium in the gas duct (by reducing the passage section - closing part of the throttles) - due to which the gas pressure under the bell furnace head increases.
  • The principle of operation of the throttle complex is similar to that of the Venturi tubes, but in the throttle group energy is not recovered - it is spent for turbulent mixing of water and gas.
  • The faster the gas flow and the greater the amount of water supplied for irrigation (water sprayed by nozzles is supplied to the throttle valves) - the higher its degree of purification in the throttle device.
  • The direction of gas flow also contributes to separation of dust from the gas flow and coagulation of its particles. Such dust is well captured by downstream units as well.

Throttle groups provide high quality of gas purification in conditions of increased gas pressure on the grate (at a pressure drop of more than 20-30 kPa the dust content in the gas is reduced to 5-10 mg/m3), which makes their application in iron and steel industry indispensable - in the blast furnace - it will simplify and cheapen the gas purification system.Дроссельная группа доменной печи

Example of blast furnace throttle group diagram

Kaslino Mechanical Enterprise will develop and manufacture for you custom blast furnace throttle group for gas purification, consisting of valves of various diameters.

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