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Двери шахтные вентиляционные

Our company manufactures ventilation mine doors for mining companies at a bargain price and with delivery. Production is carried out in the shortest possible time, dimensions according to the customer's project documentation. You can inform about the need and clarify the details of delivery conditions by contacting the commercial department.



Ventilation doors are installed in underground mine workings as part of the overall mine safety system. This type of equipment performs several functions at the same time, including ensuring the supply of fresh air into the mine, removing excess gases and maintaining their acceptable concentration, as well as closing off a certain section of the excavation.   The extraction of valuable minerals, fuels and ores, is characterized by an increased degree of danger compared to other activities, and special requirements for the protection of the health and lives of employees are imposed in mines. The rock deposit at a certain depth makes it impossible to extract it by other means.


For this reason, all equipment supplied to the shaft, including ventilation doors, must be of high quality, trouble-free in operation and extremely reliable. This is how we produce the sought-after safety element in strict accordance with the customer's dimensions, the stated functions and the reliable control mechanisms that have successfully proven themselves.


We can also manufacture ventilation doors as part of the overall ventilation system, not only in various sizes and specifications, but also in any color. If there is a need in non-standard solution of the problem to ensure safety of employees, safety of equipment and tools as well as the optimal organization of communications in the shaft, you can always turn to us. Call us!


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