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Газоходы, воздуховоды, трубы дымовые

We manufacture reliable industrial chimneys, ventilation engineering communications, air ducts, gas ducts for enterprises of various activities - metallurgical industry, industrial boiler houses, thermal power plants. To inform your needs and clarify the necessary information you can in the commercial department or send a request online from the website.

Chimneys are designed to emit products of combustion of materials, fuels and gases into the atmosphere. We manufacture such vertical devices according to the customer's drawings or design them ourselves. The design is based on the requirements of the industry and the territory in which it is located. So with us it is easy to comply with the environmental guidelines of the region of operation while maximizing the performance of the heating unit used.




Газоход на металлургическое производство   Промышленная дымовая труба

Gas duct to metallurgical production



Industrial chimney


Газоход промышленный   Воздуховод, дымоход
Industrial gas duct  

Blast furnace gas cleaning system
(electric furnace aspiration system)

Chimney pipes are of different types depending on the supporting structure:

  • columnar - cast into the foundation, fixed in an anchor basket construction is placed in a carbon steel pipe and thermally insulated chimney. This type of chimney is capable of connecting several heating units
  • near-facade, facade - chimneys of such type differ from similar variants by economical efficiency and simplicity of service, they exclude necessity of foundation building for installation, they are safely fixed to the building wall with the help of brackets
  • truss chimney - for territories with high seismic activity caused by natural or industrial factors
  • Mast - the complex design of such a chimney includes supports, which compensate for the cross load and provide stability; every element of the exhaust gas removal system is fixed on a concrete pad
  • frameless, self-supporting

Industrial duct - is of particular importance in most industrial processes, such engineering structure organizes the supply of air in a certain direction and volume. Stability of comfortable and acceptable working conditions at the enterprise depends on the quality of the project and its ability to work smoothly.

There are certain requirements to the air duct design, regulation of which is conditioned by operating factors - chemical composition of working environment, temperature and pressure fluctuations and other specific features of each type of industrial process.


You can coordinate the details of the order to manufacture a chimney, gas duct, ventilation duct and air duct for it with a specialist of the commercial department.


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