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Клапан ПГВУ

Изображение Наименование Описание
Клапан ПГВУ взрывной 091-80
Клапан ПГВУ больших размеров
Клапан ПГВУ 299-80
Клапан ПГВУ 298-80
Клапан ПГВУ 297-80
Клапан ПГВУ 296-80
Клапан ПГВУ 295-80
Клапан ПГВУ 292-80
Клапан ПГВУ 291-80
Клапаны пылегазовоздухопроводов ПГВУ круглого сечения      

Dust and gas and air pipeline valves PGVU (mechanical shut-off and control devices)

are used for smoke removal, shutoff and regulation of pipelines, gas ducts, chimneys of thermal power plants and boiler plants:

let the medium flow in one direction, not allowing backflow.

Temperature of the working environment PGVU valve: up to 400 °С.

Pressure in the box: 0,004 MPa.

The diameter of the structures is from 100 to 1800 mm.

Materials: cast iron, steel

Клапаны пылегазовоздухопроводов ПГВУ прямоугольного сечения      

Versions of dust and gas and air line valves:

  • Left / Right
  • Rectangular: single-axle 295-80, two-axle 296-80, three-axle 297-80, four-axle 298-80,
  • five-axle 299-80 and larger sizes
  • Explosive safety 091-80 / 092-80
  • With outrigger bearings (MK-1046)
  • Round: 291-80, 292-80


Operating conditions of PGVU valves: GOST 15150, placement category 3, moderate climate.

Working media of gas tight valves:

  • liquid (metal, water)
  • Air and gas (nitrogen, carbon dioxide)
  • Electrons in vacuum or semiconductor

Gas tight valves PGVU produced by Kaslinsky Mechanical Enterprise - a high-quality products and a guarantee of reliability.

Электропривод для клапана ПГВУ


All valves are supplied complete on request:

-  actuators (see selection table МЭО+ПГВУ)

- electric actuators: "GZ-Electroprivod" (Moscow), BELIMO (Switzerland), AUMA (Germany), Zpa Pecky (Czech Republic), PrimAR (Russia), QT (China), Regada (Slovakia), PrimEL (Kasli)

Technical specifications (descriptions, drawings) can always be found on the site of Kaslinsky Mechanical Enterprise or from our experts, for all questions please call in Yekaterinburg +7 (343) 222-79-89, e-mail or leave an application online.