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Клапан обратный пылегазовоздухопровода

Клапан обратный пылегазовоздухопровода Check valves (butterfly check valves) - valves used to automatically prevent the reverse flow of the working environment (gas, air) in the pipeline of the industrial aspiration system.

Operating principle of dust and air line check valve:

- the working medium rotates the flap 3 on the axis at the direct flow due to the difference of areas of the flap relative to the swing axis and opens the passage section of the pipeline.  When the fan is switched off, the gate leaf returns to the closed position due to its own mass. Closing density is regulated by balancing weight 4.

When the medium flows back, the flap 3 is pressed tightly by the excess pressure of the medium to the sealing arcs inside

the body 1.

Explosion-proof check valves are used for aspiration systems, capable of stopping the

 explosion wave propagation through the pipeline.

The valve has a full bore design.

Затвор обратный пылегазовоздухопровода

The normal position of swing check valves in horizontal and vertical pipelines is the position in which the swing axis of the valve is horizontal. The direction of the arrow on the body must correspond to the direction of flow of the working medium in the pipeline. Connection to pipeline: under welding, flanged (at customer's request).

Обратный затвор на газ

1 -обечайка, 2-смотровой люк, 3-створка, 4-груз, 5-фланец, 6-накладка, 7- болт, 8-петля строповочная, 9-хомут рычага, 10-болт

1-obelisk, 2-inspection hatch, 3-window, 4-load, 5-flange, 6-overlay, 7-bolt, 8-slinging hinge, 9-arm clamp, 10-bolt

The check valves meet the requirements:

GOST R 53671-2009 - Check valves and check valves                                                       

 GOST 31441.5-2011 - Non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Part 5. Protection by constructional safety "c"

Standards of tightness on request of the customer.

Possible version: explosion-proof gates for gaseous, explosive and fire-hazardous media as well as toxic working media. Explosion-proof gates design prevents spark formation from contact of steel parts during operation, and in case of explosion in another pipeline section the strength of design ensures reliable containment of explosion wave. Specific operating conditions are agreed with the customer.