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Клапан сброса пыли

Клапан пылевыгружной Dust valve (multi-bladed flasher, discharge valve) is designed for release of dust from aspiration systems - industrial dust collectors (centrifugal cyclones, etc.). The pressure in such systems is less than atmospheric - which excludes access to atmospheric air.

The dust discharge valve is used instead of standard sluice gates in ventilation, air extraction systems.  The main area of application is aspiration systems of elevator industry enterprises.

Characteristics of the dust extraction valve:

  • no electric actuator - the discharge valve is triggered by the gravity of dust particles (dust is discharged automatically);
  • low cost (unlike sluice gates);
  • low cost (in contrast to sluice gates); - energy savings;
  • Maintenance of the valve is not required,
  • Reliability of operation.
  • The valve is delivered complete with connecting spigots (the diameter corresponds to the standard cyclones of the elevator industry)
  • High dusting capacity (only depends on the opening)
  • Possibility of manual locking of the damper blade.

KASMP LLC manufactures dust extraction valves for aspiration systems and all types of ventilation equipment.

Technical specifications (descriptions, drawings) can always be found on the site of Kaslinsky Mechanical Enterprise or from our experts, for all questions please call in Ekaterinburg +7 (343) 222-79-89 or e-mail