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Трубы из обечаек

Our company manufactures electric-welded steel pipes from DN DN DN 720 to 3020 mm for use as cases, casings for cable lines, in sewer systems, pipes for gas and oil pipelines, the walls of 18-28 mm thick according to TU 1381-001-35171270-2015


Труба из обечаек чертеж          трубы из обечаек

The purpose of the pipe casing is to protect both the communication itself against possible damage and the effects of aggressive factors, and the environment in the event of a leak. In this regard, the manufacture of the casing is regulated and made by us in strict accordance with the requirements for the product.

трубы из обечаек касмп

Depending on the operating conditions and the required diameter we produce pipe casings:

  • from hot-rolled thick plate with a longitudinal welding seam on the shell and a ring butt weld
  • from joined shells of 1500-2000 mm width
  • using rolling method at permissible steel sheet thickness
  • steel grades st3sp2, st3sp5, st20, st17G1S, st17G1SU, st09G2S, and may be manufactured from the customer's raw materials
  • quality control is carried out by X-ray and ultrasonic methods

Pipe Gauge Table

Note: * Pipe with ribbing. Ribbing is designed to provide stiffness to the pipe diameter.

Труба с оребрением Трубы обечаечные с оребрением

The use of steel cases is determined not only by the working environment, but also by the location of communications:

  • under highways
  • railway and tramway crossings
  • Telecommunications, electricity and water mains nearby
  • places with a high risk of pipe damage, such as at the transition to a surface location or at the entrance to a building

Kaslino Mechanical manufactures pipe cases promptly and reliably tailored to your industry, operating environment, soil characteristics, and other relevant factors. Get more information and communicate your needs by contacting the commercial department or send a request from the site.


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